Judgement Summary

Kantaru Rajeevaru v Indian Young Lawyers Association through their General Secretary & Ors

Bench – Ranjan Gogoi Cj., A.M. Khanwilkar J., Indu Malhotra J, (all in favor); D. Y. Chandrchud J., R F Nariman J. (both dissenting)

Issues –

  1. What is essentially religious, essential to religion and integral part of the religion?
  2. Can the matters already sub-judice, i.e. entry of Muslim woman into Durgah/Mosque, entry of Parsi woman married to non-Parsi persons into the holy fire, female genital mutilation in Dawoodi Bohra committee clubbed together and matter be referred to higher bench?

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Judgement Summary

Indian Young Lawyers’ Association (in Re Sabrimala) v State of Kerala


Bench- Deepak Mishra CJ, Khanwilkar J., D.Y, Chandrachud J., Nariman J. (Concurring), Indu Malhotra J. (Dissenting)


  1. Whether exclusion of women in the menstrual age (biological factor) violates Art. 14, 15 or 17 or protected by “morality” under Art. 25 and 26.
  2. Whether exclusion of woman is an essential religious practice
  3. Whether Ayyapa Temple is a denomination? if it is a denomination can it violates Art. 14, Art. 15, Art .17 despite getting fund from consolidated fund of the state?
  4. Can religious denomination violate Art. 14, Art. 15 and Art. 17 on the ground of sex?
  5. Whether the temple entry Act and rule violative of Part III of the constitution?

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